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  Dear Student,
  First and foremost, I would like to welcome you to LinguaSpanish, given that you are goin to form part of the institution. Once the enrolment process has been finalised, you will become the most important part of the school. We apreciate all this and that’s why we are working tirelessly hard on a daily basis to ensure that the services you and your colleages receive from us are the best within our limits. Our desire in this aspect is to enable you to receive the best attention and at the same time to enable you use the study material that’s available. Keep this in mind and let your teacher or me in this case beware of any setbacks, and we’ll attend to your needs willingly

  We atre always happy to answer every question. Anyway, you can click on any FAQ on the left to know more about us and our department.
  Thank you

                                       Eduardo E. Rey (Head of Department)
Head Teacher





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