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Spanish language courses & one-to-one classes

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 We offer Spanish language preparation in small groups, one-to-one classes, shared private lessons and specific preparation for DELE official exams. Choose the best for you:

Classes in group. In our school we know that each student is different and has distinctive needs, for this reason our Spanish Language Department offers different number of hours for your course. Each student can choose the number of hours that prefers and we have different prices depending on this. Besides, all classes missed due to public holidays are made up. Classes in group are open to youngs and adults aged 16 and over, and we have specific classes for younger students, of course.

ONE-TO-ONE CLASSES. Individual tuition is usually perfect for improving a particular skill or a particular language area, from social Spanish to sales negotiating, report-writing or examination preparation.

SHARED PRIVATE LESSONS. From our own experience, we know that shared private lessons for like-minded people: friends, classmates, partners, etc. are very useful for a part of the students. Any couple or group pursuing a common goal and having a similar level of Spanish may sign up for this kind of private lessons.
Good way and cheapest.

DELE, Official Exams Preparation. If you are interested in taking the DELE exam you can prepare at LinguaSpanish at the level at which you want to practice. The course is designed to prepare you for the exam, and in the classes, you will revise past examination papers and learn tips and techniques for taking the exam.This course is offered from Monday through Friday, in small groups or individual classes.